SharePoint Farm Backup using Server Side Object Model

So this is old school stuff but maybe it helps somebody someday. I know that SharePoint 2010 and it’s Server Side Object Model are pretty much out of fashion. In one of our client’s SharePoint 2010 farm, we had to schedule the SharePoint Farm backup script. The purpose of the script was to take the

Get 404 Status Code from Custom Error Page.

Scenario We had to figure out how many pages in our site are broken (throwing 404 status code). But the problem was that we implemented a custom designed error page for broken ones. This page was designed in the context of site look and feel, so we associated the site master page as well with this

Resolved: An unexpected error with a provider-hosted app for SharePoint

Scenario: You developed and hosted an ASP.NET  MVC site on IIS and planning to consume this provider-hosted app in SharePoint. When accessing standalone, the MVC site is working fine but when installing and called from SharePoint, it throws an error “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again by launching the app installed on your