SharePoint Farm Backup using Server Side Object Model

So this is old school stuff but maybe it helps somebody someday. I know that SharePoint 2010 and it’s Server Side Object Model are pretty much out of fashion. In one of our client’s SharePoint 2010 farm, we had to schedule the SharePoint Farm backup script. The purpose of the script was to take the

Get 404 Status Code from Custom Error Page.

Scenario We had to figure out how many pages in our site are broken (throwing 404 status code). But the problem was that we implemented a custom designed error page for broken ones. This page was designed in the context of site look and feel, so we associated the site master page as well with this

Resolved: An unexpected error with a provider-hosted app for SharePoint

Scenario: You developed and hosted an ASP.NET  MVC site on IIS and planning to consume this provider-hosted app in SharePoint. When accessing standalone, the MVC site is working fine but when installing and called from SharePoint, it throws an error “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again by launching the app installed on your

SharePoint Best Practices : Part 1

Create SQL Server Alias in SharePoint Farm Recently we ran in to a problem, where our production application suddenly started throwing 502 errors due to performance degradation. After analyzing few things, we suspect that our database server has some problems. As this was a production server and we didn’t want to keep this problem for

SharePoint search is returning 500 internal server error page : Resolved

Recently i was working on a Intranet Portal and most part of it was based on documents collaboration. So to easily find a document i configured search for the site. I created a new content source in existing search service application and crawl the source. It was crawled successfully without showing an error or warning,

Update custom list’s feature reference | Update custom list’s feature id reference.

Disclaimer: Approach used in this blog post is risky and not recommended. The idea of this post is to just understand the insight and sharing my experience with my blog readers. If still you want to try this for any situation then please do this at your own risk. We earlier created a custom list

Microsoft Outlook Search is Not Working : Resolved

I had Outlook 2010 and I was not able to search any email using search box. Whenever I used to click on search box provided in Outlook, Search toolbar area got grayed out. Even if I tried to search email by putting criteria manually, it didn’t work out for me. Search functionality is the backbone of any system where tons of information is stored.

Remove orphan feature(s) entry from SharePoint’s ManageFeatures.aspx

At times we need to get rid of feature(s) from SharePoint farm, those are no longer required. This is kind of cleaning and managing your SharePoint Farm. Most of the time due to inappropriate procedure or by using a 3rd party tool, Feature gets removed but it still displays on Feature.aspx page. When you try

PeoplePicker not showing FBA users (Claims Based Authentication)

Recently i faced an issue in a SharePoint site while i was trying to add a FBA user in a site group. On searching the user in people picker, it was not showing the FBA user(s) to select. Every time i searched the FBA user(s) through people picker, it returned me only user(s) from AD.